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From Greek para-, "abnormally beside" + philia, "love"

AHD: /păr'ə-fĭl'ē-ə/



any sexual deviation which is considered abnormal in some societies, or which may prevent or hinder one's ability to receive reciprocal love.


Derivative of PARAPHILIA


Adjective & Noun


A person who practices or worships paraphilia.

What are paraphilias?

Disorders characterized by long-standing, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviors that involve inanimate objects, actual or imagined suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner, or nonconsenting partners and that are associated with clinically important distress or disability.

These arousal patterns are considered deviant because they are often obligatory for sexual functioning (ie, erection or orgasm cannot occur without the stimulus), may involve inappropriate partners (eg, children), and cause significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. In persons with a paraphilia (those whose sexual drive is absorbed almost entirely in performing or submitting to flagellation or similar practices, is directed toward articles of clothing, or is largely expressed in exhibitionism or voyeurism), the capacity for affectionate, reciprocal emotional and sexual intimacy with a partner is generally impaired or nonexistent, and other aspects of personal and emotional adjustment are impaired.

Most paraphilic fantasies begin in late childhood or adolescence and continue throughout adult life. Intensity and occurrence of the fantasies are variable, and they usually decrease as people get older.

Paraphilias are far more common among males than among females in most cultures. Biologic reasons for the unequal distribution may exist, although they are poorly defined at present. Developmentally, males must transfer their infantile identification with their mothers to their fathers during the preschool or oedipal period, from about age 3 to 6 yr, whereas females do not have to transfer their identification. The need to disidentify during a critical period of psychosexual development makes the male more vulnerable, possibly leading to the much higher incidence of paraphilias in males.


Observation of paraphiliac behavior has provided valuable scientific information on the mechanisms of sexual attraction and desire, such as behavioral imprinting. Careful investigation has also led to the tentative conclusions that normal biological processes may sometimes be manifested in idiosyncratic ways in at least some of the paraphilias, and that these unusual manifestations are frequently associated with unusual (and especially traumatic) events associated with early sexual experience.


The term was coined by Viennese psychotherapist Wilhelm Stekel (in his book Sexual Aberrations) in 1925, from the Greek para- (beside) + philos (loving), and first used in English in Stekel's translated works. It was not in widespread use until the 1950s, and was first used in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM) in 1980. It was used by Sigmund Freud, as well as by the sexologist John Money.

Many of the paraphilias are rare. The most common paraphilias are pedophilia, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. Sex offenders may have multiple paraphilias.


A preference for repetitive sexual activity with prepubertal children.

Arbitrarily, the age of a person with this disorder is set at >= 16 yr, with the age difference between him and the child victim set at >= 5 yr. The age of the child is generally <= 13 yr. For older adolescents with pedophilia, no precise age difference is specified; clinical judgment is relied on. When the victim is postpubertal, the disorder is frequently labeled child molestation or ephebophilia (attraction to youths) rather than pedophilia.

Pedophiles prefer opposite-sex to same-sex children 2:1. Heterosexually oriented males tend to prefer girls aged 8 to 10 yr; in most cases, the adult is known to the child. Looking or touching seems more prevalent than genital contact. Homosexually oriented males prefer boys aged 10 to 13 yr, and their acquaintanceship with the child is more casual than that of heterosexually oriented males. Bisexual adult pedophiles usually choose children < 8 yr. Exclusive pedophiles are attracted only to children; nonexclusive types may also be attracted to adults.

Pedophiles may limit their sexual activities to their own children or close relatives (incest) or may also victimize other children. Predatory pedophiles may use money or force, and threaten to physically harm the children or their pets if they disclose the sexual abuse. The course of pedophilia is chronic and may be complicated by substance abuse or dependence, depression, marital conflict, or antisocial personality disorder.

Sexual offenses against children constitute a significant proportion of reported criminal sexual acts. The recidivism rate for homosexual pedophilia is second only to exhibitionism, ranging from 13 to 28% of those apprehended--roughly twice the rate of heterosexual pedophilia.


Use of an inanimate object (the fetish) as the preferred method of producing sexual excitement, usually beginning in adolescence.

Common fetishes include aprons, shoes, leather or latex items, and women's underclothing. The fetish may replace sexual activity with a partner or may be integrated into sexual behavior with a willing partner, usually as a requirement for erotic arousal. Minor fetishistic behavior as an adjunct to consensual sexual behavior is not considered a psychiatric disorder because distress, disability, and clinically significant dysfunction are absent. More intense, obligatory fetishistic arousal patterns may cause serious problems in a relationship. When the fetish becomes the sole object of sexual desire, sexual relationships are often avoided. (Transvestic fetishism rather than fetishism may be diagnosed when a male is sexually stimulated and gratified by wearing, rather than simply fondling, women's garments, usually underclothing.)

Transvestic Fetishism

Dressing in women's clothing by heterosexual males, generally beginning in late childhood and at least initially associated with sexual arousal.

Transvestic fetishism (transvestism) is diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder only if the fantasies, urges, or cross-dressing behaviors are associated with clinically significant distress or recognizable dysfunction. Transvestites often say mood-regulating properties and cross-gender expression are important motivations for cross-dressing.

Cross-dressing per se is not a disorder. Personality profiles of cross-dressing men are generally similar to age- and race-matched norms. When partners are cooperative, these men have intercourse in partial or full feminine attire. When their partners are not cooperative, they may feel anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame associated with the desire to cross-dress. Cross-dressing men who are conflicted about their behavior may purge all of their women's clothes, accessories, and makeup, but they generally resume their activities after days to months, hence the clinical dictum, "Once a cross-dresser, always a cross-dresser."

Most transvestites do not present for treatment. Those who do are brought in by unhappy spouses, are referred by courts, or are self-referred out of concern about being apprehended and experiencing negative social and employment consequences. Some present for treatment of comorbid gender dysphoria, substance abuse, or depression. Social and support groups for cross-dressers are generally helpful.


Achieving sexual excitement via repetitive acts of genital exposure to an unsuspecting stranger.

The exhibitionist (usually male) may masturbate while exposing himself or while fantasizing about exposing himself. He may be aware of his need to surprise, shock, or impress the unwilling observer. The victim is almost always a female adult or child. Actual sexual contact is almost never sought. Age at onset is usually the mid 20s; rarely, the first act occurs during preadolescence or middle age. About 30% of apprehended male sex offenders are exhibitionists. They have the highest recidivism rate of all sex offenders; about 20 to 50% are rearrested. Most exhibitionists are married, but the marriage is often troubled by poor social and sexual adjustment, including frequent sexual dysfunction. Very few females have exhibitionism, although society sanctions some exhibitionistic tendencies in females (through media and entertainment venues). Folklore says that "women exhibit everything but the genitals; men, nothing but."


Achieving sexual arousal by observing unsuspecting persons who are naked, disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity.

Voyeurism usually begins in adolescence or early adulthood. Adolescent voyeurism is generally viewed more leniently; few teenagers are arrested. The essential feature is spending considerable time repetitively seeking out viewing opportunities. All sexual activity is related to voyeurism for a person with the most severe form. Orgasm is usually achieved by masturbating during or after the voyeuristic activity (peeping). The voyeur does not seek sexual contact with those he is observing. The disorder must be differentiated from normal sexual curiosity between persons who know each other.


Intentional participation in an activity in which one is humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise abused to experience sexual excitement.

Masochistic fantasies tend to begin in childhood; involvement with partners, by early adulthood. Sadomasochistic fantasies and sexual behavior between consenting adults is very common. Masochistic activity tends to be ritualized and chronic. For most practitioners, the humiliation and beating are simply acted out in fantasy, with participants knowing that it is a game and carefully avoiding actual humiliation or injury. However, some masochists increase the severity of their activity as time goes on, potentially leading to serious injury or death.

Masochistic activities may be the preferred or exclusive mode of producing sexual excitement. Persons may act on their masochistic fantasies themselves (eg, binding themselves, piercing their skin, applying electrical shocks, burning themselves) or seek out a partner who may be a sexual sadist. Activities with a partner include bondage, blindfolding, spanking, flagellation, humiliation by means of urination or defecation on the person, forced cross-dressing, or simulated rape. A potentially dangerous form involves autoerotic partial asphyxiation (hypoxyphilia), in which a person uses ligatures, nooses, or plastic bags to induce a state of relative cerebral hypoxia at the point of orgasm. Volatile nitrites ("poppers") may be inhaled to enhance cerebral hypoxia. The intent is to enhance orgasm, but accidental deaths occasionally result from this activity.


Infliction of physical or psychologic suffering (humiliation, terror) on the sexual partner to stimulate sexual excitement and orgasm.

The disorder commonly begins in early adulthood, although sadistic fantasies often occur during childhood. Generally, the person has insistent, persistent fantasies in which sexual excitement results from suffering inflicted on the partner. The diagnosis is warranted whether the partner consents or not. Sadism is different from minor manifestations of aggression in normative sexual activity. At the extreme end of the spectrum, sexual sadism involves brutal rape or torture of victims. Even more extreme is lust murder, in which death of the victim produces sexual excitement.

Sexual sadism must sometimes be differentiated from rape, a complex amalgam of sex and power over the victim. Sexual sadism is diagnosed in < 10% of rapists, although for many, forcing an unwilling person to engage in intercourse increases sexual excitement. However, inflicting suffering is not the motive for most rapists, and the victim's suffering usually does not increase the rapist's sexual excitement.

Sexual sadism is usually chronic. When practiced with nonconsenting partners, this criminal activity is likely to continue until the sadist is apprehended. Sexual sadism is particularly dangerous when associated with antisocial personality disorder.


Professional treatment is usually indicated only when such conditions lead to involvement of non-consenting sexual partners, or are clearly damaging to the physical or mental well-being of the paraphiliac.
Cognitive, behavior, and psychoanalytic therapies are used to treat individuals with paraphilias. Some prescription medicines have been used to help decrease the compulsive thinking associated with the paraphilias. Hormones are prescribed occasionally for individuals who experience intrusive sexual thoughts, urges, or abnormally frequent sexual behaviors. Almost always the treatment must be long-term if it is to be effective.


Long-term individual or group psychotherapy is usually necessary and may be especially helpful when it is part of multimodal treatment that includes social skills training, treatment of comorbid physical and psychiatric disorders (eg, seizure disorders, attention deficit disorder, depression), and hormonal treatment. Treatment has been considered less effective when court ordered, although many adjudicated sex offenders have benefited from treatments, such as group psychotherapy and antiandrogen drugs. In the USA, IM medroxyprogesterone acetate is the treatment of choice; cyproterone acetate is used in Europe. Typically, a male with a moderate to severe paraphilia is given medroxyprogesterone 200 mg IM 2 to 3 times/wk for 2 wk, followed by 200 mg 1 to 2 times/wk for 4 wk, then 200 mg q 2 to 4 wk. Serum testosterone should be monitored and maintained in the normal female range. Treatment is usually long-term, because deviant sexual arousal patterns usually recur shortly after testosterone levels return to normal. In addition to antiandrogens, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (eg, high-dose fluoxetine 60 to 80 mg/day or fluvoxamine 200 to 300 mg/day) may be useful. Drugs are most effective when used as part of multimodal treatment programs.


The course of paraphilias is usually chronic in nature. The prognosis for complete recovery is generally considered to be guarded.


If you, a friend, or a family member would like more information and you have a therapist or a physician, please discuss your concerns with that person.


The following paraphilias are sufficiently common in the general population to be frequently observed in clinical literature, as well as being able to support entire sub-genres of mainstream commercial pornography.

algolagnia: sexual pleasure from pain
exhibitionism: sexual arousal through displaying genitals in public
fetishism: sexual attraction to a physical object, with common examples being
balloon fetishism
fur fetishism
leather fetishism
panty fetishism
robot fetishism
rubber fetishism
shoe fetishism
smoking fetishism
spandex fetishism
transvestic fetishism
mechaphilia: sexual attraction to inanimate objects, machines, robots, etc.
sadomasochism: taking sexual pleasure in inflicting pain, or having pain inflicted upon one's self. (See also "bondage and discipline" and algolagnia)
urolagnia: sexual attraction to urine
voyeurism: sexual arousal through watching others having sex

Homosexuality was previously listed as a paraphilia in the DSM-I and DSM-II, but this has been rejected from the DSM-III and DSM-IV, consistent with the change of attitude among psychiatrists. There is still a disorder of homosexuality, but this refers to the repression of homosexuality. Likewise Zoophilia was clinically re-evaluated between DSM-III and DSM-IV. As of 2004, Transvestic Fetishism was still listed as a paraphilia in the DSM-IV-TR.

Note that non-consensual sadomasochistic acts may constitute assault, and therefore belong in the list below. Some jurisdictions criminalize some or all sadomasochistic acts, regardless of consent.

Non-consensual exhibitionism in public places, where people who have not previously consented to watch are exposed to sexual display, is also an offense in most jurisdictions. (See indecent exposure).


The paraphilias listed below are either non-consensual or, if acted out, sex crimes and criminal in most jurisdictions.

biastophilia: sexual pleasure from committing rape
lust murder: sexual arousal through committing murder
necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses
necrozoophilia: sexual attraction to the corpses or killings of animals, or necrobestiality
It is interesting to note that the preceding four paraphilias are common among serial killers.
pedophilia: sexual attraction to pre-pubescents
frotteurism: sexual arousal through rubbing one's self against a non-consenting stranger in public
telephone scatologia: being sexually aroused by making obscene telephone calls
zoophilia: sexual attraction to animals, or bestiality


The paraphilias listed below are less common.

acrotomophilia: sexual attraction to amputees
agalmatophilia: sexual attraction to statues or mannequins or immobility
amaurophilia: sexual arousal by a partner whom one is unable to see due to artificial means, such as being blindfolded or having sex in total darkness.
apotemnophilia: sexual arousal from having an appendage (limb, digit, or male genitals) amputated
asphyxiophilia: sexual attraction to asphyxia; also called breath control play; including autoerotic asphyxiation; see medical warnings
coprophilia: sexual attraction to feces
crush fetishism: sexual arousal from seeing small creatures being crushed by members of the opposite sex, or being crushed oneself
diaper fetishism: sexual arousal from diapers
dendrophilia: sexual arousal from trees
emetophilia: sexual attraction to vomit
ephebophilia: sexual attraction to adolescents
frotteurism: deriving sexual pleasure from rubbing against other people
galactophilia: sexual attraction to human milk or lactating women
gerontophilia: sexual attraction to the aged
harpaxophilia: sexual arousal from being robbed
hematolagnia: sexual attraction to blood
hybristophilia: sexual arousal to people who have committed crimes, in particular cruel or outrageous crimes
incestophilia: sexual attraction to one's own family
infantilism: sexual pleasure from dressing, acting, or being treated as a baby
klismaphilia: sexual pleasure from enemas
macrophilia: sexual attraction to giants
maiesiophilia: sexual attraction to childbirth or pregnant women
mysophilia: sexual attraction to foul or decaying material
pictophilia: inability to become sexually aroused except through the use of pictorial pornography
plushophilia: sexual attraction to stuffed toys
scotophilia: sexual attraction to darkness
sitophilia: sexual arousal from food
transformation fetish: sexual arousal from depictions of transformations of people into objects or other beings
trichophilia: sexual arousal from hair
vorarephilia: sexual attraction to being eaten by or eating another person
xenophilia: sexual attraction to foreigners (in science-fiction, can also mean sexual attraction to aliens)
xylophilia: sexual attraction to wood

There are also many other rare paraphilias.

The supposed paraphilia of autogynephilia, or sexual pleasure from perceiving oneself as a woman, has been proposed as a motivation for transgender behavior, but is generally regarded as theoretical in nature. It is not well accepted.


"Any of a group of psychosexual disorders characterized by sexual fantasies, feelings, or activities involving a nonhuman object, a nonconsenting partner such as a child, or pain or humiliation of oneself or one's partner. Also called sexual deviation."
- American Heritage Dictionary

This list is provided simply for reference purposes and I do not guarantee the accuracy of the terms or their meanings. I have assembled this list from locations around the Internet.
You should remember as you review this list that these terms represent definitions set down by the psyche community in order to define and catagorize obsessive mental and emotional disorders.

The following suffex list can aid you in determining certain term meanings as many terms are very similar to each other and sometimes are used in the wrong context. The following are taken from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.
-philia -
1.Tendency toward. ex. hemophilia.
2. Abnormal attraction to. ex. necrophilia.
From the Greek, meaning "love of". In the case of 'necrophilia', "love of death".
-philiac -
1. One that has a tendency towards
2. One that has the abnormal attraction to

-phobia -
1. A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.
2. A strong fear, dislike, or aversion.
-phobic -
One that has fear of, as it relates to the above definition.

-ism -
A suffix indicating an act, a process, the result of an act or a process, a state; as, automasochism; also, a characteristic (as a theory, doctrine, idiom, etc.); as, baptism, galvanism, organism, hypnotism, socialism, sensualism, Anglicism.

-ist -
1. One that performs a specified action: ex. lobbyist.
2. One that produces, makes, operates, plays, or is connected with a specified thing: ex. novelist.
3. A specialist in a specified art, science, or skill: ex. biologist.
4. An adherent or advocate of a specified doctrine, theory, or school of thought: ex. anarchist.
5. One that is characterized by a specified trait or quality: ex. menophilist.

-ous -
An adjective suffix meaning full of, abounding in, having, possessing the qualities of, like; as in gracious, abounding in grace; arduous, full of ardor.

-sis -
A condition of. ex. acmegenesis: acme=height of genesis=creation, beginning: orgasm

This is actually a prefix and it can be confusing because in sexual terms it means "self" yet the word implies less human intervention. The following is from the AHD...
Word History: The words automatic pilot or automatic transmission bring to mind mechanical devices that operate with minimal human intervention. Yet the word automatic, which goes back to the Greek word automatos, “acting of one's own will, self-acting, of itself,” made up of two parts, auto-, “self,” and -matos, “willing,” is first recorded in English in 1748 with reference to motions of the body, such as the peristaltic action of the intestines: “The Motions are called automatic from their Resemblance to the Motions of Automata, or Machines, whose Principle of Motion is within themselves.” Although the writer had machines in mind, automatic could be used of living things, a use we still have. The association of automatic chiefly with machinery may represent one instance of many in which we have come to see the world in mechanical terms.

(Note: While the suffex, philia, literally means "love of", this list uses the word, arousal, as a less obsessive synonym which the reader should presume as meaning sexual arousal.)

Abasiophilia - Arousal toward a lame or crippled partner
Acousticophilia - Arousal from (certain) sounds.
Acrophilia - Arousal to heights.
Acrotomophilia - Arousal by the activity/thought of having sex with an amputee.
Acucullophallia - Arousal with circumcision.
Agalmatophilia - Arousal to statues/mannequins.
Agonophilia - Arousal to pseudo-rape, pretend struggle or wrestling play as a form of foreplay.
Agoraphilia - Arousal from having sex in public places.
Agrexophilia - Arousal from knowing that others are aware of a persons sexual activities.
Albutophilia - Arousal from water.
Algophilia - Arousal from pain.
Altocalciphilia - Arousal to high heels
Amaurophilia - Arousal from having a partner who is unable to see them during sex.
Anasteemaphilia - Arousal to someone due to a difference in height.
Andromimetophilia - Arousal to someone who has had a sex change
Apotemnophilia - Arousal from the idea of losing a limb (either through accident or surgical procedure).
Arachnephilia - Arousal from play with spiders.
Asphyxiaphilia - Arousal, or enhancement, from lack of oxygen.
Astraphilia - Arousal by lighting and thunder
Arachnophilia - Arousal from anthropoids such as spiders and scorpions
Autagonistophilia - Arousal from being on stage, being in front of a camera or in the public eye.
Autoassassinophilia - "Stage managing the possibility of one's own masochistic death by murder". Coined by John Money.
Autoabasiophilia - Arousal to oneself being lame or crippled
Autogynephilia - Arousal from cross dressing.
Automysophilia - Arousal from being dirty or defiled.
Basophilia - Arousal by standing erect or walking
Bathophilia - Arousal by depths
Belonephilia - Arousal from using of needles.
Biastophilia - Arousal when sexually assaulting an unwilling victim.

Carpophilia - Arousal by sensual feeding of fruits
Catheterophilia - Arousal from the use of catheters
Choreophilia - Arousal from dancing
Chrematistophilia - Arousal from either paying for sex or from being robbed
Coprophillia - Arousal towards fecal matter, giving or receiving

Dacryphilia - Arousal in seeing tears in the eyes of their partner
Dermaphilia - Arousal from skin color, texture, scent appearance
Doraphilia - Arousal to fur or skin (usually leather)
Dysmorphophilia - Arousal from physically impaired partners

Electrophilia - Arousal from electrical stimulation
Emetophilia - Arousal from vomit or vomiting
Endytophilia - Arousal to preferring a sex partner to be clothed rather than naked during sex.
Entomophilia - Arousal by insects and its use in sex play (See Formicophilia)

Flatuphilia - Arousal from others passing gas
Formicophilia - Arousal involving insects crawling on the body

Gerontophilia - Arousal from people who are significantly older.
Gynemimetophilia - Arousal to a male who is impersonating a female or had a sex change

Harmatophilia - Arousal from mistake or from breaking rules.
Harpaxophilia - Arousal from being robbed.
Hebephilia - Arousal to teenagers.
Hodophilia - Arousal from travelling to new or strange places.
Homilophilia - Arousal from giving or receiving a sermon or speech.
Hydrophilia - Arousal by water
Hygrophilia - Arousal from contact with body secretions (tears, salvia etc.)
Hyphephilia - Arousal from touching (certain) fabrics.
Hypoxyphilia - Arousal to sexual asphyxia

Klismaphilia - Arousal from having an enema.

Lactaphilia - Arousal from lactating breasts.

Maieusiophilia - Arousal from pregnant women
Mammagymnophilia - Arousal from female breasts
Moriaphilia - Arousal from telling sexual jokes
Melcryptovestimentaphilia - Arousal to women's black underwear
Merinthophilia - Arousal from being bound
Mysophilia - Arousal from handling soiled underwear or foul odors.

Nanophilia - Attraction to short people
Naphephilia - Arousal from touching or being touched
Narratophilia - Arousal from telling sex related stories, poems, jokes etc
Nasophilia - Arousal from kissing, sucking, touching or looking at another's nose
Necrophilia - Arousal toward the dead
(Necrochlesis - Sex with a corpse)
(Lagnonector - A person that kills in order to have sex with the corpse)
Neophilia - Arousal from novelty
Nepiophilia - Arousal toward an infant of the opposite sex
Normophilia - Arousal by acts considered normal
Nosophilia - Arousal from a partner terminal illness
Nymphophilia - Arousal toward female adolescents.

Ochlophilia - Arousal from biting
Odontophilia - Arousal from teeth
Oculophilia - Arousal from eyeballs

Paedophilia - Arousal to children
Pecattiphilia – Arousal from stealing or committing a sin
Pediophilia – Arousal from dolls
Phallolalia - Arousal achieved by talking about the penis
Phallophilia - Aroused by a large penis
Phobophilia - Arousal from Fear
Phygephilia - Arousal from flight
Pictophilia - Arousal from pictures that are of sexual nature
Podophilia - Arousal from feet
Polyiterophilia - Arousal only after having sex with a series of partners
Pubephilia - Arousal from pubic hair
Pygophilia - Arousal from touching, playing with or seeing another's buttocks
Pyrophilia - Arousal from fire

Raptophilia - Arousal from raping a victim.
Rhabdophilia - Arousal from being flogged, beaten or caned.

Scatophilia - Arousal from sexual conversations with strangers
Scoptophilia - Arousal from looking at other people having sex
Siderodromophilia - Arousal from either viewing or riding upon trains
Sitophilia - Arousal by the use of food for sexual purposes
Somnophilia - Arousal toward sleeping people
Spectrophilia – Arousal to supernatural spirits or image in a mirror
Stigmatophilia – Arousal to body modifications arousing (tattoos, piercings, etc.)
Symphorophilia - Arousal from planning/causing a public disaster

Timophilia - Arousal from gold or wealth or power
Transvestophilia - Arousal from cross dressing
Traumaphilia - Arousal from wounds or trauma
Trichophilia – Arousal to hair
Tripsolagnophilia - Arousal by being massaged

Urophilia - Arousal from contact with urine.

Vicarphilia - Arousal from other peoples sexual experiences
Vomerophilia - Arousal to the act of vomiting

Xenophilia - Arousal by being with strangers

Zoophilia - Arousal toward animals

Acmegenesis - Orgasm
Acomoclitic - Preference for hairless genitals
Androgynous - Having female and male characteristics in one
Anilingus - Oral stimulation of the anus for sexual pleasure
Anthropophagy - Sexual gratification from consumption of human flesh
Acomoclitic - A preference for hairless genitals.
Actirasty - Arousal from exposure to the suns rays.
Adolescentilism - Playing the role of an adolescent.
Aischrolgia - The expression of obscenities.
Algolagnia - Both Masochism and Sadism.
Allopellia - Orgasm from watching others have sex.
Allorgasmia - The need to fantasise about a more desirable partner in order to orgasm.
Alvinolagnia - Stomach fetish.
Ambisextrous - Attractive to both sexes.
Amelotasis - Attraction to someone who has lost a limb.
Amomaxia - Sex in a parked car.
Amychesis - The act of scratching a partner during sex.
Anaclitism - Sexual enjoyment arising from activities, or being exposed to objects, normally associated with childhood (e.g. toilet training, breast sucking, playing with dolls).
Anolinctus - The act of licking the anus of another.
Anolingus - The act of inserting the tongue into the anus of another (as opposed to just licking it).
Anthropophagolagnia - Rape with cannibalism (usually after the rape).
Anthropophagy - Cannibalism for sexual purposes.
Automasochism - The act of inflicting pain or injuries on oneself as a way of causing sexual stimulation.
Autophagy - The ingesting of one's own flesh (usually for sexual reasons).
Axillism - Using the armpit for sex (as a substitute vagina).

Barosmia - Arousal from smell
Basoexia - Arousal from kissing
Bestialsadism - Arousal from performing cruel acts to animals.
Biiest - A female who has a fetish for female feet.
Blastolagnia - A person aroused by young females.
Botulinonia - Using a sausage as a dildo.

Candalagnia - Sexual arousal of spouse by watching partner have sex with someone else
Capnogalia - Arousal from watching others smoke
Coprolalia - Sexual arousal from hearing obscene language
Coprolagnia - Sexual arousal derived from eating excrement
Coprophilous - To live in excrement
Capnolagnia - Arousal from watching others smoke.
Chezolagnia - Masturbating whilst defecating.
Claustrophilia - Sexual arousal from being confined in small spaces e.g. cages, coffins or straight jackets.
Coitobalnism - Sexual activities whilst in the bath.
Coitus A Cheval - Sex on a horse.
Coitus A Unda - Sex in water.
Coitus Interfermoris - Penetration between the thighs. Sometimes used as a form of birth control.
Colobosis - Mutilation of the penis.
Coprography - "To write with faeces". To write obscene graffiti, poems or stories. Arousal from obscene words.
Coprophagy - The act of eating faeces. Quite a popular activity up until the 1700s.
Corephallism - Having anal sex with a young girl.

Dacylagnia - Sexual arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner
Dame de voyage - Dolls designed for sexual penetration
Defecolagnia - Arousal from Defecating
Defilement - Sexual arousal from seeing partner becoming dirty or wet
Dacnolagnomania - A lust murder.
Dasyproctic - With hairy buttocks.
Defecolagbia - Arousal from defecating.
Dippoldism - Sexual arousal from beating/chastising children.
Doleros - Arousal from pain.

Ecdyosis - Arousal from removal of clothing in front of others
Ecouteurism - Listening to others having sex without their consent

Erotophobia - Fear of sexual love
Erotomania - Excessive sexual desires
Ecorchement - Flagellation.
Ecouteurism - Unintentional arousal from sounds.
Erotographomania - Strong desire to write love letters or poetry.

Flagellation - Sexual arousal by whipping or being whipped

Galateism - Sexual attraction to statues
Gamogenesis - Sexual reproduction
Genuphallation - Insertion of penis between knees of a partner
Gomphipothic - Arousal by teeth
Graphelagnia - Arousal from graphic images depicting sexual themes
Gregomulcia - Arousal from being fondled in crowded areas
Gynandromorph - Individual which has both male and female characteristics
Gomphipothic - Arousal from the sight of teeth.
Gynelophilous - Arousal from the sight/touch of pubic hair.

Hymenoclasis - Surgical defloration of a virgin
Hypersexual - Excessive interest in sex

Infantilism - Adult dressing as a young child for sex play
Infibulation - Sexual pleasure from mutation of one's genitals
Insufflation - The act of blowing air into a body cavity
Iantronudia - The arousal that some people have when they expose themselves to doctors.
Idrophrodisia - Arousal from perspiration.
Inspectionism - Voyeurism.
Irrumation - Fellatio.

Juvenilism - Acting out the role of a Juvenile in sexual situation
Jactitation - Excitement or arousal from bragging about their own sexual exploits.

Kleptolagnia - Arousal by stealing for personal gratification
Kleptolagnia - Arousal from stealing.
Knismolagnia - Arousal from tickling.

Lagnlalia - Discussion of objects used for sexual practices
Lygerastia - Aroused by having sexual in total darkness
Lagnonector - A person that kills in order to have sex with the corpse.
Leptosadism - Mild sadism.
Lygerastia - Being aroused only when in darkness.

Macrogenitalism - Arousal from large genitals
Menophilist - Arousal from menstruating women
Mixoscopia - Sexual pleasure derived from seeing others having sex
Mastix - A female sadist.
Mastofact - Breast fetish.
Mazoperosis - Mutilation of the breasts.
Melolagnia - Arousal from music.
Meretricium - A tax on prostitution.
Menophilist - Arousal from menstruating women.
Miscegenation - Sex or marriage between people of different races.
Mixoscopy - The secret observation of a sex act.
Mucophagy - The consuming of nasal mucus.
Munchausen's syndrome - Arousal from opening a wound.

Narcissism - Self love
Necrochlesis - Sex with a female corpse
Nomavalent - Arousal attained from strange places
Necrosadism - Mutilation of corpses for sexual purposes.
Nosolagnia - Arousal from knowing that ones partner has a terminal illness.

Oculolictus - Arousal derived from licking a partner's eyes
Odaxelangnia - Sexual gratification derived from biting on partner
Osphresiolagnia - Arousal from foul odors
Oculolinctus - The act of licking a persons eyeball for sexual arousal/fulfilment.
Ondinisme - Arousal from urine.
Ozolagnia - Arousal from odors.

Partialism - Fetish
Picquerism - Sexual gratification from repeated stabbings of another person
Pluralism - Sexual gratification achieved by having sex with large groups
Psycholagny - Orgasm attained from psychic or mental stimulation
Pageism - Male submitting to a female.
Paizogony - Petting.
Pathicant - A minor who engages in anal sex with an adult.
Penotherapy - Regulation of prostitutes a form of disease control.
Philemanmania - Compulsion to kiss.
Philematology - The art of kissing.
Phlebotomy - Blood letting. Often practiced for sexual purposes by Vampyres.
Psychrocism - Arousal from cold, or, arousal from seeking another that is cold.
Psychrotentiginous - Arousal from cold water.
Pygmalionism - Attraction to manikins.
Pyrolagnia - Sexual arousal form watching fire.

Renifleur - One who is aroused by the smell of urine or used underwear

Sadism - Sexual gratification by inflicting pain to partner
Sapphosadism - Lesbian Sadism
Scoptolagnia - Arousal from viewing sexually stimulating scenes
Siphnianize - Anal Masturbation
Sodomy - Anal copulation of one male with another
Sororilagnia - Sex with one's own sister
Sotadism - Anal sex
Sthenolagnia - Arousal demonstration of strength or muscles
Stupprator - Male aroused only by virgins
Sacofricosis - The practice of cutting a hole in the pockets of trousers so that a person can masturbate (usually in public).
Satyriasis - Male equivalent of nymphomania.
Shunammitism - Contact (does not have to be physical) with young girls by old men to encourage or restore sexual vigor.
Sthenolagnia - Arousal from a display of strength and/or the sight or muscles.

Tachorgasmia - Premature ejaculation
Tantalolagnia - Arousal from teasing
Taphephilia - Arousal from being buried alive
Thalpotentiginy - Arousal from heat
Thlipsosis - Arousal from pinching partner
Tithiolagnia - Having a orgasm derived from nursing
Transsexualism - Excessive desire to become a member of the other sex
Tantalolagnia - Arousal from teasing.
Taphephilia - Arousal from being buried alive.
Thalpotentiginy - Arousal from heat.
Tragolimia - Desire for sex regardless of attraction to partner.
Tripsolagnia - Arousal from having one's hair shampooed by another.

Urolagnia - Sexual arousal involving urine or act of urination
Urtication - The use of nettles to enhance sensation
Urtication - The use of stinging plants to stimulate the skin.

Vampirism - Arousal by consuming the blood of a partner
Voyeurism - Arousal from viewing people in the nude or having sexual intercourse
Vampirism - The drinking of blood/fetishism for blood.
Vincilagnia - Arousal from bondage.