Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Summery Of Objevtives

To make our plan even more transparent for you, here is a summery of our organizations 18 main objects(goals). We believe that by achieving these goals we will be able to make it extremely difficult for this trade to continue.

They are as follows:

1. to globally end the child sex trade;

2. to provide the beneficiaries(children who are, who have been, or who are potentially at risk of becoming, victims of the
child sex trade) with all that they would need to live a normal civilized life;

3. to acquire property to provide accommodation for the beneficiaries;

4. to acquire property to provide education centres for the beneficiaries;

5. to provide an education for the beneficiaries so that they can gain the qualifications needed to find alternative

6. to provide health care and physical training for the beneficiaries;

7. to provide counselling for the beneficiaries;

8. to provide food, clothes, and entertainment(music, movies, and games) to ensure that the beneficiaries do not suffer the
effects of the poverty that led them into the sex trade;

9. to acquire land on which to build a campus i.e. an education centre, living quarters, and a health centre, for the

10. to employ such people as are necessary to build the campus i.e. the education centre, living quarters, health centre, and

11. to employ such people as are necessary to run the education centre, living quarters, the health centre, and to act as

12. to work with police, governments, and social workers, to identify beneficiaries and their abusers;

13. to carry out private-investigations to acquire the incriminating evidence needed to seperate the abusers from the

14. to work with police to prosecute these child abusers to the fullest extent of the law;

15. to work with police, governments, and social workers, to provide the beneficiaries with object 2;

16. to approach businesses for monthly donations of one pound each;

17. to carry out such fund raising activities that appeal to the general public for annual donations of 2 GBPounds each via a
membership scheme;

18. to invest any surplus funds for the benefit of all present and future beneficiaries;


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