Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our Aim

Every year thousands of children are forced or tricked into the sex trade by their legal guardians(usually parents or other close family members), and are targeted by pedophiles who are prepared to pay money, to satisfy this horrifically vile lust for children.

Our aim is to make an effort towards putting an end to global society’s blind acceptance of child sexual abuse.

Our hope is that if, as we are all living in the same global environment, we all make a small contribution to this effort, we will be able to raise enough funds to give these children an alternative way of life and at the same time protect our own children from the corrupt few who see them as sexual targets.

We at the JahJah organization want to put an end to this vicious trade that has become a trap for so many innocent children.

Together we can make the future safe, by fighting for today.


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